5 perguntas sobre o programa Veeam Vanguard – Entrevista com Rick Vanover


Olá pessoal,

De forma a difundir ainda mais o programa Vanguard mantido pela Veeam do qual faço parte desde Abril deste ano e também para incentivar aqueles que por ventura tenham interesse em fazer parte, eu fiz uma entrevista com 5 perguntas sobre este assunto com Rick Vanover, responsável pelo programa. Leiam abaixo:


1 – Tell us about your position in Veeam and also about his experience working with technical communities. 

My position (newly promoted!) is the Director of Technical Product Marketing and Evangelism at Veeam. Here my team works with the product team to help deliver the products to IT communities, events, online content, our partners and more. It’s a lot! 

I’ve been active in IT communities for a long time, in fact I started blogging in 2001 before they were called blogs with TechRepublic! Since then I added blogs at TechTarget and Virtualization Review magazine. I’ve refocused since 2010 when I joined Veeam and only now write the Virtualization Review Everyday Virtualization blog. I do a number of guest posts in other sites however. 

Communities have been very important to me. I’ve wanted to be connected to the communities through blogs, social media and the influencer communities. Namely, in the VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP and Cisco Champion Communities. 


2 – What is the reason Veeam decided to create the Vanguard program? What is the program’s main purpose? 

The main reason is simply that we created the Vanguard program was really that we were ready for it. In 2014, we were planning it and we had new products coming as well as an event (VeeamON). These were important to make the Vanguard program mature and enough and ready for Veeam. Additionally, there is a need to connect the experts of the different disciplines together to share insight and best practices.

The main purpose is to esnure that our biggest fans have what they need to be a fan of Veeam. We have a number of programs to keep them informed and equipped; and it’s some work to keep it up!


3 – The Vanguard program is new, has two years and what the plans of Veeam regarding the evolution of the program in the coming years?

 We are in a stage of what I would call “disciplined growth” I want to grow the program, but not make it too big that it’s out of control and my team of evangelists looses touch with each Vangaurd. We invest a lot of time, money and people into the program; so it is a very concetrated effort.


4 – What is the process for those who want to be part of the Veeam Vanguard program? Would you give any tips? 

The best advice is to interact like the other Vanguards. Share and be social about Veeam. Additionally take a look at a deep technical topic that may not have been covered yet, share your experiences and more. Approximately once a year, we accept public nominations (and this will be announced on the Veeam blog).


5 – What are the benefits for the members of the program?

The main benefit is a once annual “Veeam Experience” where we will bring the Vanguards together. Last year it was at VeeamON in Las Vegas, this year it was a private set of sessions and a 1-day event in London. There are also some SWAG items that I’m told are pretty good. Additionally, there is access to the evangelists and members of the product team to get the product futures as well as early access to technical information.


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