Entrevista da semana (JAN 03/04): Paolo Valsecchi (Italia)

Olá pessoal,

PaoloValsecchina entrevista desta semana eu conversei com Paolo Valsecchi, que eu conheci através do programa Veeam Vanguard, do qual ainda fazemos parte e atualmente é System Engineer na Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli na Itália, além de manter um blog que eu acompanho e recomendo que é o Nolabnoparty.com. Paolo tem experiência focada na concepção e gerenciamento de ambientes de TI com base no VMware vSphere e no Active Directory. Então vamos conhecer mais um pouco sobre este profissional de destaque na área de TI.

1 – How did your interest in computers arise and how did you get started in IT?

Technology always fascinated me and when I had the chance to “touch” a computer, it was love at first sigh. I started my IT adventure as trainer for Office products then designing and implementing IT solutions became my way.

2 – Tell us about your current work and projects.

I currently work as System Engineer mainly focused on VMware vSphere, Microsoft technologies (Active Directory, Office 365, DNS, DHCP, …), and backup/DR solutions. I’ve done several projects (vSAN is currently on the way) but the last one gave me a big satisfaction: I’m a co-author of the book Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5.

3 – Do you have any IT certification? What are your specialties?

I hold the VMware VCP-DCV and VMCE certifications. My skill is focused on VMware vSphere (setup, configuration, HR/DRS/FT, patching, deployment, …), backup strategies (backup, replication, disaster recovery, repository infrastructure, instant recovery,  VTL, …) and Microsoft technologies (Windows Server, Active Directory, Office 365).

4 – How important are you to working with the technical community?

Tech communities are the main channels to get info, solutions, tips, fixes and so on where you have interaction and you can receive answers within few minutes, a very important aspect especially if you are in deep trouble and time is critical.

5 – What is your opinion about the programs of influencers that the big manufacturers maintain? Do you participate in which ones?

Influencer programs are definetively a useful channel to promote and spread the knowledge at high level of specific products. I do participate to these programs and I have been awarded with the vExpert and Vanguard titles.

6 – We know that IT is very dynamic. How do you keep up to date? What magazines, books, websites or blogs do you recommend? (send photos)

IT is not dynamic… is too much dynamic! It always more complicated to stay up to date because new technologies (especially cloud related) not always can be replicated on lab environments where you can play with. Blogs are my preferred channel to get information because bloggers write articles to explain procedures/products to help the community, often better than magazines or official websites. I don’t read any particular magazine since info I need can be retrieved by googling. There are lot of interesting blogs around the world and the list would be very long… every blog offers different topics and contents… just type the info you need in Google and you can discover lot of new and interesting sources.

7 – Count the equipment you have and use in your work. Do you have a Home Lab? (send photos)

At work I use different systems… mainly HPE servers and storage devices, but also some SuperMicro, QNAP and Synology NAS for backup purposes, and so on. Plus some cloud services.

I have a home lab I use to study and where also most of my blog posts are taken from. In my blog you can get all details of the equipments used.

This is the picture of my current lab… I’m going to add a third host and a new storage quite soon.


8 – What is your favorite system? Windows, Linux or Mac OS?

I work mainly with Windows systems but I use Linux as well for specific tasks to save some “licenses”.

9 – Are you a gaming enthusiast? If so, do you play on what platforms?

Not really, I used to play FIFA soccer for a while but I gave up to give space to my main hobby, that is music.

10 – To finish, give us your channels of communication on the Internet and how readers can contact you (Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, site …)

Blog: https://nolabnoparty.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nolabnoparty

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paolovalsecchi/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nolabnoparty

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